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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Traveling Back in Time

In December 2003, my sister Doretha and I took a week long trip to New Orleans after Christmas. While we were at the Riverwalk mall in downtown New Orleans, I saw a young lady who had just taken some old time photos. The photos looked great so I decided to have some taken also. My sister was reluctant until she saw how my photos looked.

While at the mall the next day I passed by the studio and noticed that my photo had been put on display. I was thrilled to see my face among the other sample photographs.

Taking this old time photo and wearing the long dress and hoop skirt was a great opportunity to travel back in time. It made me think about what life might have been for me had I lived during a former time. The hoop skirt and the full skirt fabric felt confining and I was thankful that I live during a time when women dressed more comfortably.